The digital asset for revolutionary financial inclusion

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Digital assets have never been able to support financial inclusion for the masses.

Now, one digital asset finally can.

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The basics XGT does better

Infinite scalablilty for financial inclusion

With native smart contracts and robust architecture, XGT supports up to 3,000 transactions per second and a financially-inclusive experience for all users.

Dockerized libraries for egalitarian opportunity to run full nodes

An XGT daemon can be easily run with the provided Docker images, which enables exchanges, developers and applications to integrate and run XGT with unparalled efficiency, while also embracing reliability as a key security measure. Deploying and maintaining an XGT node is simple enough that anyone can do it.

Optimal governance for egalitarian participation

XGT will be supported by an unlimited number of nodes run by developers, applications, users and miners. Miners produce the blocks that track all XGT transactions at a rate of one block every three seconds and there is no limit on the number of miners. Together these nodes provide growing decentralization and security to XGT.

Streamlined full nodes for perfect app integration

The advantage of XGT nodes is that they are extremely quick to set up, inexpensive to operate or migrate to, and highly responsive relative to other networks. Better still, the open nature of the network means that it is available to all, and participants are not subject to the behaviour of a group of insiders. Anyone can operate a full node, or mine using the open source software. XGT is built with the knowledge that the benefit of a full node designed specifically for economic purposes, knowing full well non-economic data needs to be supported by off-chain, application-based APIs for optimal performance.

XGT transaction metrics

Transaction confirmation time


Fees per transaction


Transactions per second


The Mass Adoption Trifecta, XGT brings crypto, banks and social together

Financial inclusion for any application

Based on years of research in cryptocurrency on-boarding, digital payments and social media experience, XGT has been designed from the ground-up for revolutionary community engagement and financial inclusion. In new and incumbent applications, XGT will be leveraged for unparalleled user engagement, retention and explosive new opportunities for growth.

XGT.Network's mission

Bring financial inclusion to the masses

We are building the high performance blockchain we need to build the apps that we need. Better banking applications. Better social applications. Creating freedom and greatness in everything we do.

  • Liquidity Provisioning

    XGT.Network Foundation lends to market makers to tighten the spreads that make XGT a stronger currency. XGT.Network will offer our mined XGT to defi platforms to build liquidity for traders and users.

  • Research and Development is building tools for the XGT community, to improve access to the network, and to promote financial inclusion and decentralization.

  • Application Onboarding Funding

    To lend or spend money that increases the number of users of XGT.

Why hold XGT?



XGT Energy is the clean and efficient credit system that powers XGT transactions. It is an alternative to gas, a currency-burning system designed to rate limit transactions by incurring a monetary cost to execute smart contracts on other networks. To transact on XGT simply requires a small amount of energy - a reserve which builds up over time and allows transactions without burning XGT. This important invention is key to the success of XGT - it allows for the execution of smart contracts while not breaking the gold-like properties of a real coin - there is a fixed supply of XGT, and it doesn't need to be destroyed in order to power the next generation of smart contracts.

Financial powers

  1. Launch XGT Token Trees to create Community Coins, Fundraise, Monetize and Incentivize growth of your own community
  2. XGT Token Trees enable ICOs to fundraise
  3. XGT Token Trees enable emission-sharing to draw revenue and monetization
  4. XGT Token Trees enable votable emissions incentives to cause community growth
  5. XGT Token Trees have incredible synergy with community-launching applications.

Holder powers

Holders have the power to:

  1. Vote on XTT's which have been created using Votable Emission Pools, for XTT Growth Initiatives
    1. Such as vote to emit coins to initiate Verified New Users
    2. Such as vote to emit coins to content producers
      – Content is used to solidify great XGT-based apps
  2. Create Energy, which can be used to power smart contract execution, without destroying XGT or incurring gas costs
    1. Smart contracts created for the Ethereum Virtual machine can be run on XGT, without transaction fees costing users XGT
    2. Energy can be used to fund transactions, reducing costs to users and businesses
  3. Secure their tokens with the most sophisticated mult-sig system currently available
    1. By specifiying multiple keys, incredibly diverse and potent
    2. signing authority systems can be created
  4. Transact and use the currency
    1. XGT empower peer-to-peer payments
    2. XGT can power consumer to business payments
    3. XGT can power global remmitances for family members
  5. Enjoy an open crypto currency without economic centralization, with predictable supply, and the store-of-value properties provided by Bitcoin

Businesses creating a circular economy

  1. For-profit companies, such as Gather, use XGT to pay for transactions
  2. For-profit companies, such as Gather, use USD Revenue (from adversting, subscriptions and PRO features) to buy XGT
    1. For-profit companies, such as Gather, purchase XGT with USD and then use XTT VEP's to increase their user base
    2. For-profit companies, such as Gather, purchase XGT with USD and then use XTT Emmisssion to pay for great content to grow their audience

Metcalf's Law

Metcalf's law states the effect of a telecommunications network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users of the system (n2). Some suggest this applies to the value of crypto-networks, where their value increases at a superlinear rate to the number of people in a crypto-network, such as XGT.

Fractal blockchain graphic

Key technical advantages

  1. Fast application and exchange integration: New streamlined blockchain infrastructure based on years of research.
  2. Real-time financial inclusion: Three-second block times.
  3. Decentralization: Proof of Work for network security, coin supply, and open governance.
  4. Revolutionary application development: Off-chain content and on-chain reference-IDs for rewarding community engagement
  5. Unlimited financial inclusion:
    On-chain currency creation with vote-able emissions for community growth via XGT Token Trees
  6. Unparalled bridging of applications and blockchain: base58 randomized wallet IDs for privacy and integration with off-chain account systems. Generated with a BTC compliant algorithm, and namespaced with XGT for user-safety

Sound Money Supply Properties

Coinbase is built according to BTC best practices. Blocks are rewarded at a cumulative rate of 6.25 every ten minutes, until the next halving, which is targeted to be the same time as BTC Halvings.

1. Coinbase

XGT is mined using the same algorithm as BTC - to ensure compatibility with the existing security best practices, pioneered by BTC.

2. Halvings

To ensure the maximum value to users, XGT is built to encompass Stock 2 Flow properties discovered by the BTC community, to ensure increasingly efficient miners are used.

3. Difficulty Adjustment

Difficulty is adjusted every 2016 blocks, to ensure that the pool is consistently adjusting for the size of the mining hashpower.

The Mass Adoption Trifecta, XGT brings crypto, banks and social together

The mass adoption trifecta

XGT is positioned to thrive at the center of cryptocurrency, social media, and banking, has unlimited potential to reach the mass populace like no cryptocurrency has. Behind XGT is the philosophy that cryptocurrency will spawn the next set of applications greater than Instagram and Reddit, and more important than global retail banks and as such it has been designed to bridge us to that future.

Founders & Advisors

Robert Day
Founder @ Gather, architect and inventor of XGT
Former Googler, Wildfire Interactive, & Steemit Inc.
Piyush Bhardwaj
Head of Business Development, Inc
Former Steemit Inc.


About XGT

What are the high level functions provided by XGT?
XGT Provides mecahnisms for:
  • Transactions
  • Multi-signature wallets and authorities
  • Open mining consensus
  • XGT Virtual Machine (XGTVM), an Ethereum Bytecode compatible virtual machine
  • XGT Energy, used for fuelling and facilitating both smart contract execution and transactions
  • XGT Token Trees, used for creating sub tokens with votable emissions
What is are XGT Token Trees?
XGT Token Trees are token which is carried by XGT. It allows a service to create it's own token, and capitalize on smart contract capabilities, XGT Energy, Proof of Work consensus, and high speed transaction functionalities provided by the network.
What Consensus Mechanism is used in XGT?
XGT is secured by Proof of Work.
  • Despite many years of research into alternative mechanisms of consensus, only PoW provides an trustless solution for the Byzantine Generals problem
  • Completely decentralized, open and egalitarian
  • Maintains compliance with SHA256 mining algorithms, supporting the maximum possible number of miners currently in production today
Is there a Technical Whitepaper for XGT?
Link to XGT.NETWORK Technical Whitepaper
How can holders of XGT secure the network?
As should be done in all PoW systems, security needs to be considered in the face of the always present incentives for Tragedy of the Commons created by Pareto Distributions and other non-linear distributions for governance, and as a consequence of these natural economic distributions, absoutely all entities are encouraged to mine XGT using the provided mining clients. All commercial, private and non-profit entities, such as, Inc., and all integrated businesses, are encouraged to mine XGT to provide network security and maximum coin integrity.
How can holders of XGT promote the use of XGT by greater global distribution?
To optimize distribution to new and active users, all holders of XGT, including the engineers who created XGT, XGT Exchanges, and XGT Businesseses, are encouraged to tip, hodl, and trade XGT that is mined.
How do XTT Votable Emissions Pool (VEP) work?
The purpose of XTT VEP is for greater distribution of XGT, which may bring new members to a community which has adopted an XTT.
  • The VEP is for an XTT holders who have staked their XTT. XGT that is staked can be used to vote-tip toward other users's wallets that created claim-posts. Claim-posts may look like blog or content posts when integrated with social media applications.
  • Vote-tips are stake-weighted signals to the blockchain informing the chain how much an account wants to vote-tip another account.
  • A finite amount of new XGT is emitted from the VEP each day. The holders of XGT are enabled to vote-tip from the VEP at a rate proportionate with their stake of XGT relative to all the other actively-voting XGT holders.
  • The XGT VEP emits 0.5% of the XGT supply per year.
  • The XGT VEP emits 100% of its supply to accounts that have received vote-tips.
  • To maximize the effectiveness of the VEP for XGT distribution, users should vote-tip accounts that are creating content of value in XGT-integrated applications, such as Gather. Vote-tips should primarily be used to reward value-able content, for instance a new users of XGT who posts is valuable because they represent adoption of XGT. Vote-tipping new XGT users is the most effective use of the VEP. Vote-tipping consistent creators of valuable content is the second most effective use of the VEP. Vote-tipping one-self is the least valuable use of the VEP -- the VEP is built to be small enough where vote-tipping one-self is not anyone’s best choice, and instead they will participate in the most and second-most valuable use-cases for the VEP, or they will not use the VEP, which is the third-most valuable way to use the VEP.
How can large holders of XGT manage their holdings of XGT?
Entities may use on chain Escrow and Treasuries to manage supply publicly and predictably. These holders can also use the natively-coded Multi-signature schema for additional security.
Can the emissions rate for new XGT coins be changed?
  • XGT supply is determined by fixed, protocol-level rules. The number of XGT created at genesis brings the supply level of XGT to parity, approximately 18,7 million BTC have been created. New XGT cannot be generated arbitrarily by anyone, except via the mining process.
  • Anyone can propose changes to XGT consensus rules, however, miners on the network are very unlikely to accept and run the new software because of how changes to the founding economics alters the standard set at the network’s creation, which is a core tenant of the system XGT holders have chosen to value.
  • XGT's decentralization and incentives of the protocol prevent any single organization from unilaterally controlling any changes. For instance, if XGT creators tried to force a change of the basic economics, XGT holders and businesses would lose trust in new XGT releases, refuse to accept the changes, and keep using the original protocol with the original rules. Therefore, XGT businesses by incentives will propose changes that use the on-chain consensus-driving process for upgrading the tool chest, efficiency and security of the network.
How quickly can XGT be transferred?
XGT can be transferred in seconds, based on single-diging block generation times.
How expensive is it to transfer XGT?
Unlike other blockchains, XGT has a dual-cost freemium payments and transfer mechanism, using Energy and providing future support for XGT transactions. This is made possible by the XGT Energy system, which subsidizes blockchain computation resources. In this model, wallets are permitted several daily transfers for free, and they are permitted additional transfers proportionate to the amount of XGT held in their wallet.
Does XGT support Multi Signature Wallet Systems?

XGT comes with on-protocol support for advanced Multi Signature Wallet Systems. Wallets are generated with three levels of private keys, each of which can be generated into multi-signature signing schema.

The three layers of private keys include: "Social", "Money" and "Recovery". Social Keys permit actions with the Votable Emissions Pool (VEP); Money Keys permit all other actions of the account, except for action permitted by Recovery; and Recovery Keys permit the resetting of all keys on XGT wallets.

Mainstream applications are expected to attach Social keys without multi-signature to off-chain account systems, and they are expected to use multi-signature Money keys in order to support safety-by-2FA for value-transferring transactions.

Is there a consensus repository for the XGT daemon?
A reference XGT daemon can be found in the xgt-network github, however, anyone can fork and deploy this code due to free, open-source nature of the project and its MIT license.
How does the XGT Token Tree launching system work for users?
With XGT, anyone can launch tokens to grow online communities with incentives for participation by earning tokens. These same users can also use the tokens to perform fundraising with ICOs and to monetize their communities.
How does the XGT compare to Bitcoin?
The main differences between XGT and Bitcoin are the following:
  • XGT blocks are mined much more frequently. Due to the high rate of block production, transactions confirm in a few seconds.
  • The supply of XGT is consistent with the supply rate of BTC - that is, a fixed number of coins are created during each ten minute period, and rewards halve approximately every four years.
  • XGT can operate as a settlement currency across the XGT for many business purposes, including settlement between other tokens.
Why are there two fee structures supported on XGT?
The use of the Energy system provides for a no-cost starting structure for use as transaction fees, providing a high-technology mechanism to prevent spam. With XGT’s limited freemium model for transactions, which is based on owning an XGT wallet, a minimal amount of daily transactions may be permitted by the network for free and additional transactions are permitted on a basis proportionate to the amount of coins staked in each wallet. The provision of an additional fee field is future looking, allowing for support on the protocol to allow miners to select transactions based on fees in the future, without alteration of the wire protocol. Ultimately, no XGT will be emitted during the mining of a block, and for network security, an alternative form of incentivisation will need to be adopted by, and for miners.
How can I protect myself from phishing?
  • Do not click through links you suspect may be phishing attacks.
  • Learn more about phishing attacks here.
  • If you suspect a phishing attack, then report the attack to your:
    • Your email provider
    • The appropriate social media platform
    • Google’s Safe Browsing Project
    • You may also report phishing sites and emails to XGT Core at support[at]
What could I build on top of the XGT protocol?
Because tokens enable coordination around incentives and ideas, there many types of business to build on XGT, including:
  • Digital collectibles
  • Digital card games
  • Social Media points systems
  • Communities with tokens
  • Loyalty points systems
  • Exchanges
  • Fiat/crypto exchanges
  • Crypto/crypto exchanges
  • Banks
  • Interoperability with social networks
  • Broadcast nodes
  • Offline wallets
  • Application caches
  • Secure communication systems
How many XGT are there?
  • At launch there are approximately 18,700,000 (18.7MM) XGT.
  • During the first epoch of XGT mining, block rewards will be lined up to be ~6.25 XGT created in every given 10 minute period, the same as BTC
  • Every four years, according to the BTC supply schedule, the block rewards will halve, creating a natural limit of 21,000,000 (21MM) XGT
Is XGT a real blockchain and cryptocurrency?
  1. A blockchain is a continuously growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked and secured using cryptography, on a distributed ledger. Each block typically contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp and transaction data.
  2. Blockchains that run publicly with secure consensus mechanisms, such as PoS, DPoS, and PoW, are supported by economic incentives to maintain a blockchain ledger without corruptibility and failure.
  3. The economic incentives in these systems is typically made by the presence of a coin that acts as a currency for incentivizing consensus.
  4. A cryptocurrency can typically be used a currency that is unrestricted for all types of transactions.

All points one through four describing blockchain and cryptocurrency apply to XGT.

Can XGT be frozen by the people and companies who wrote the code?

No one can freeze XGT, the native asset on the XGT. XGT’s decentralization through incentives in the protocol prevent any single organization from unilaterally controlling any changes. For instance, if the creators of XGT tried to force a change of the basic economics, XGT holders and businesses would lose trust in XGT core engineers, refuse to accept the changes, and keep using the original protocol with the original rules. Therefore, XGT businesses by incentives will propose changes that use the on-chain consensus-driving process for upgrading the XGT code.

XGT is particularly well suited for social networks and banks, but won’t social networks and banks die?

Social networks and banks won’t die, however, they will need to evolve to embrace cryptocurrency to survive and thrive.

Social networks that embrace economics to support their communities will outcompete the networks that do not.

Are economically-integrated social networks, such as Gather, the next phase of growth for cryptocurrencies?
Cryptocurrencies have always been tribal, and this can create antagonism across cryptocurrency communities. A new social network, such as Gather, can unite all the cryptocurrency networks found under its umbrella, including XGT, by giving access to all the users of the econo-network. Users can finally be united under these new social networks, appreciating and using all the currencies found within. It is only with unification that cryptocurrency can reduce its antagonism and advance towards a wide distribution across humanity. This unification is the next and necessary phase for cryptocurrencies.
Will the XGT coin be used?
The XGT coin will be used by its holders and any businesses that integrate it, which can grow infinitely.
Is XGT worth anything if mining is conducted using the same mechanism as Bitcoin?
  • Unlike the forthcoming centralized staking pools of Ethereum, this consensus algorithm allows the network to be secured in the demonstrably sound manner of BTC.
  • XGT doesn't require staking, and is thus truly open to all.
  • Because of its consensus algorithm, XGT doesn’t require capital centralized staking pools. This allows its network to truly be decentralized in a way that supports the redundancy provided by a distributed system.
  • Thanks to this, the current XGT network fees are practically free, transactions are distributed and validated across the XGT ledger in a few seconds.
Is the XGT blockchain centralized?
Shortly after launch there will be many Full Nodes already running as miners, API nodes, and nodes for businesses. You can configure apps to trust a unique set of publicly available nodes, or easily run your own node for maximum participation and network security.
  • Everyone gets to choose who they trust.
  • No one can be forced to trust anyone.
  • Miners can't force others to trust them.
  • There is no central node.
  • Everyone can run an XGTd node and introduce transactions: if the transaction is validated (signed) by a single miner during the creation of a block, then it will be included if it is a legitimate transaction.
  • XGT engineers, as well as all XGT holders and participants contribute to further decentralization by growing the ecosystem and incentivizing more businesses.
XGT engineers or, Inc. can flood the market with XGT, can’t it?
The network has fixed supply properties, like Bitcoin, which, via means that no single party is free to change the rules without the changes in the protocol being adopted by the majority of the XGT community. Additionally, XGT has on-chain escrow which allows XGT holders to escrow its XGT coins for Supply Predictability.
  • With this, escrowed XGT cannot be touched and thus is not part of the circulating XGT supply, just as not yet mined BTC isn't part of the BTC supply.
Is it possible XGT apps never go live?
  • XGT has exchange application support from its launch or outset, which can be found in the XGT.Network Foundation github repository.
  • XGT’s inherent distribution properties should be attractive to companies, such as Gather, to quickly and effectively adopt XGT into their products. Client library support, for interacting with the blockchain will be availble in JavaScript, Dart, and Ruby from the outset, with more client support planned. Gather has already built parts of a wallet application for the blockchain, which will soon be available.
XGT is a security?
XGT is not a security; it’s a required utility to be able to commit data to the XGT ledger, and to be able to execute smart contracts using the XGTVM.
Will XGT engineers or, Inc. sell any of the XGT they have mined to banks or community partners at a discount?

That type of transaction does not make economic sense: it would just be XGT.Network Foundation or, Inc. giving away money.

  • XGT is designed to be decentralized as possible, and that all holders are treated in an egalitarian manner. That means that insider advantage must be avoided at all costs, and that the market is the true value definer of XGT.

The basics

What does XGT.NETWORK refer to?
XGT.NETWORK refers to the blockchain network supported by the XGT coin.
What does "XGT" refer to?
XGT refers to the native coin of XGT.NETWORK.
What are XGT coins?
XGT coins are the basic unit of account on the XGT.NETWORK. All operations on XGT.NETWORK are paid for implicitly by XGT coins, or through the use of Energy, which is an operationally focussed emission of XGT.
Where did XGT come from?
XGT is the name of the core currency and native asset in the XGT.NETWORK, which is a ground-breaking blockchain network architected by Robert Day, Bitcoiner, former CTO of Steemit, Inc (2018), and, Inc (2019) founder. XGT.NETWORK was built in the public domain as open-source software (MIT) to revolutionize financial inclusion online.
Why does the XGT.NETWORK need a native asset?
A native asset is needed in XGT.NETWORK to incentivize consensus among miners who produce blocks for the network, which secures XGT.NETWORK as a financial network. XGT.NETWORK miners are paid by emissions of XGT coins, which are emitted at a set, programmed rate, similar to BTC.

Getting and using XGT

Do I need XGT to use the XGT.NETWORK?
Any user, whether a business, persone, or other entity will need an XGT wallet in order to use XGT.NETWORK. Wallets can be created by many services in the ecosystem.
Where can I get XGT?
After launch, XGT may be purchasable on many of the cryptocurrency industry’s leading exchanges or directly from XGT community members.
What is the base fee for XGT transactions? Who profits from those XGT transactions?
There are no real fees for XGT transactions. Instead, transactions are permitted by having a wallet and more are permitted the more XGT a wallet contains. This type of transaction crediting system provides value to all XGT holders by requiring XGT implicitly and at a rate increasing with blockchain usage.